About Us

Artistry was founded in 1982 by Laura Klemt. Today, the company continues to focus on the core principles that are responsible for its success: excellence in design, careful attention to every detail of the product development and manufacturing process, a strong value proposition, accessible price points and a culture of true partnership with its retailers.

Artistry Is Proud to Offer:

  • Exceptional quality
  • Fresh new styles and contemporary classics
  • Excellent price points and profit potential
  • Assistance and support for prompt reordering of fast sellers
  • Same-day shipping available
  • No minimum order
  • Friendly and responsive customer service
  • Marketing support

New Product Highlights:

  • Graymoor Lane Designs. Our Graymoor Lane collections can be viewed on our website or in our catalog. Please call today for more detailed information about our products and a partnership with us.
  • DRC Techno J-Smart. Artistry and Graymoor Lane are proud to have implemented the use of the DRC Techno J-Smart diamond screening machine beginning in February 2019. Each piece of diamond jewelry has been scanned with this machine to identify undisclosed synthetic diamonds.
  • AGS and AGTA Memberships. In 2019, Artistry and Graymoor Lane became proud members of AGS and AGTA.
  • Limited Edition and One-Of-A-Kind Collections. We have continued to expand the gemstones and styling used in these collections. Call today for current availability and pricing.
  • More NEW products than ever before! Artistry is proud to introduce new products in every single product category – some have already become best-sellers!